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Leve DNA!

I am ambassadeur for the Leve DNA! science communication project. ‘Leve DNA’ translates to something like ‘Hurray for DNA’. Our aim is to make people aware of the possibilities offered by the developments in DNA technology and to stimulate discussion of the societal consequences.

The project is a collaboration between the Human Genetics Department at the Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis, the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre. We focus mainly on highschool students, since young people will undoubtedly be confronted with DNA research during their life.

One of our first projects was to sequence the genome of a popular radio-DJ, who will use this information on his show.

For those reading Dutch, more information is on our website: www.levedna.nl
Send us your ideas: info@levedna.nl
Follow us on twitter: @levedna
And on facebook: dnA-team