About me

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Email: ken [at] kenkraaijeveld.nl

My new popular science book on DNA (in Dutch) is now available through KNNV uitgeverij.


I am an evolutionary biologist with an interest in:ken
•    Genomics / bioinformatics
•    The evolution of sex
•    Sexual selection
•    Sexual conflict
•    Speciation
•    Selfish genetic elements
•    Biogeography

I am currently one of the research fellows at the newly established Origins Center, a Dutch initiative that aims to bring together a broad range of scientific disciplines to address one of the biggest challenges in science: the origin, or origins, of life on earth and in the universe.

Current address:

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904
1090GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Departmental website


2018-now    Research fellow Origins Center
2013-2018   Postdoc Free University Amsterdam
2012-2013   Teacher bioinformatics University of Applied Sciences Leiden
2010-2012   Postdoc Leiden University Medical Center
2006-2010   Veni-funded postdoc Leiden University
2004-2005   Postdoc Leiden University
2002-2004   Postdoc University College London
1998-2001   PhD University of Melbourne
1997-1998   Research assistant UC Berkeley
1997              Research assistant University of Groningen
1991-1997   Msc Free University Amsterdam


Other activities:
Leve DNA!